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The Go Funjet affiliate marketing program allows you to place a Funjet Vacations link on your website, and receive full credit and commission for all bookings received via that link. In addition, any registered agent who is a member of Funjet's 500 Club will be included in the agency search results on!

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Go Funjet Benefits

  • Capture new customers where they go to book their vacations the internet!
  • Be open for business 24/7: Your customers will be able to browse, price and purchase directly from the site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Expand your product offering: You will be able to sell Funjet Vacations products to all of our destinations, and be able to book clients from around the country. Even if you have an existing customer that's moved out of your area, you can still retain them!
  • Provide access to all of the latest content and specials: Your customers will have instant access to all of the latest information on Funjet Vacations special offers.

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